Our team

People are the most important factor in any business.

We know that employees are our main strategic resource and are committed to protect and encourage you to reach their maximum potential, since it is a key factor in ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage.

We believe that respect for the individual and the dignity of each employee basis for the development of an interface that is based on mutual trust and loyalty.

It is necessary to ensure a balance between diversity and motivating atmosphere among team members.

Socializing employees through various trips and games aimed at maintaining good relations in the workplace and allows managers to look at all the skills of its employees. To make the environment in which a man spends more than half of his day pleasant, the employees would come to work full of positive energy, duty of Alca’s management is to invest in creating an atmosphere that will allow such access and work and relationships among colleagues.

Business accomplishments and successes, Alca team is always celebrated in a special way - all of us together, it is the best way.