About us

We started working on Serbian market in 2002. We are focused on providing you a better and easier life. As a distribution company for the past 16 years, we provide with our suppliers and customers a large number of renowned brands to final consumers. We believe in the quality of the products we distribute. Accordingly, it position ourselves on the shelves and mind of customers as well as premium brands. We have assembled for you a team of young, promising and educated people with defined goals to provide, in corporation with our partners, the easier and more convenient purchase.

The management of our company try that the achieved level of quality teamwork maintain and invest in even better results.

Value-added services that our successful team provides are based on synergy and development of three key areas: sales, logistics and financial risk management.

The core of our values are:
PERSISTENCE - there are no unsolvable situation, the question is motivation and desire, and we own both.
CREATIVITY - Stability based on experience, and to encourage the development of the creative energy of our employees.
POSITIVE ENERGY - the component that makes our clearly defined objectives, vision and mission are not just words on paper.
COMPETENCE - We believe that the knowledge and ability of our people are the main assets which are carried out work assignments and achieve goals in accordance with the code of ethics of business.
TRUST - is the foundation of any good relationship. Faith of our partners and customers that the entire business carried out in the framework of shared values, is award for us.


88 2.jpg

babies born in the last five years in Alca trgovina

2.200.000 5.jpg

sweet bars are eaten on average per year

19% 4.jpg

average annual growth in sales

120.000.000 3.jpg

a year removed stains with our stain remover

16.000.000 1.jpg

cups of tea are drunk annually

1.200.000 6.jpg

our chocolate participates in a large number of cakes per year

toalet-papir.jpg 139.400km

is the average annual spending our toilet paper


is number of different production units number that counts our range

transport.jpg 110.000

deliveries to our customers annual